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Rules Of Kaun Banega Crorepati

Firstly as per the kaun banega crorepati format, around 2 to 3 months prior to the starting of the show, the selection of the users is done by asking a question on the television which they are expected to answer. Based on kaun banega crorepati rules the selected candidates are invited on the show where they undergo the initial round ' Fastest Finger First', in which ten contestants are introduced on each episode and they all are asked the same set of questions by the host.  The contestants are required to arrange answers according to kaun banega crorepati format The contestant who places the 4 options correctly in order in fastest time is invited on the 'hotseat'.

The kaun banega crorepati rules mention that the contestant should be an Indian citizen and over 18 years of age to be eligible. The participant shouldn't be a previous KBC contestant and as defined by the Income Tax Act 1961 should also be an Indian resident.

When the contestant gets on the hot seat he is asked questions related to general knowledge which consistently rises in difficulty. Every question has 4 options with just one right answer. . The contestant is awarded a certain monetary amount with each right answer, he/she can choose to exit and retain the already won money in case they do not want to answer the presently shown question. The participant is advised to select a "Padao" which signifies that after rightly answering certain questions, for e.g. after 6th Question, he will get at least this amount of money. Till that question, the contestant is given 45 seconds to answer, and there shall be no time-limit after that particular question.

The money that is won after every question gets doubled approximately from previous won amount, the amount won increases exponentially after every correct answer till the contestant approaches the last question, after this they proceed to win the highest prize (presently 5 Crore in KBC-5).

There shall be 13 questions only; one missed answer prior to reaching the set "goal" could leave the contestant with nothing. Once the goal is reached - clock stops with that question.  . If a question is missed after the set "goal" question, the contestant drops down to that amount of money. If the contestant "quits" then he/she keeps that question's worth.


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